Bone Marrow Theatre offers various physical theatre and movement workshops and classes for professional actors/performers and students


Adult Beginners Ballet Class


This is a unique chance for professional performers to gain skills in movement control and awareness, gesture and co-ordination through learning ballet. Ballet is an extremely useful tool for the actor, having to use every muscle in the body, to make movement look graceful and to move to music whilst dancing all at the same time. This forces the performer to learn how to gain control and understand the way the body moves. Also we will explore gesture and skills including elevation flexibility, and centripetal force (The mechanics of turning). The skills acquired from this class will enhance the performer’s gestures, co-ordination, control and presence.



Theatre Development Workshops 


Theatre Development Workshops focuses on theatre creation through movement, exploring the world of physical theatre using various techniques from Jacques Lecoq. We will delve into mimodynamics and gesture, using colours, materials and the elements to develop theatre through improvisation.

Any art form requires consistent training and actors must train in various fields to be flexible and skilled

 Past Workshops

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